Vocational Education & Training

Vocational Education And Training (Technological Entrepreneurship)

Here at AMADALE, we take pride in doing things right, and giving our customers the best in the state-of-the-art Vocational Education & Training, and Consultancy Services. Our staff have more than 20 years of experience in vocational training, project management and consultancy services, and we have network of specialised technical professionals and companies as technical partners.

Vocational Education And Training

Vocational areas in which we are currently engaged and recognized for (1) Qualified workforce-with skills and competencies required by the private / public sectors; (2)Low youth unemployment, (3) High labour market integration; (4) Permeability, encompass the following domains:

  • Electrical and Electronics Work Practice- Design and Simulation
  • Computer Craft, Carpentry, Electrician, Metal Works /Welding Fabricator, Brick-Laying, Plumbing:
    Practice and Design
  • Computer Studies: Hands on Practice with Windows OS, SW Installation, Cloud drives
  • Research and Innovation; Capacity building and Entrepreneurship: Diverse Projects
  • Office Management skills: MS Office Suites- Word, Excel Access, Powerpiont
  • Architectural, Computer Aided Designs and Engineering: CAD(AutoCAD /SketchUP
  • Mechatronics: Mechanical, Electrical and IT; Systems Engineering
  • Software Practice: MatLab / Simulink, LabView,Java, JavaScript, HTML, MySQL and PHP,
  • Interior, Fashion and Design Practice
  • We also undertake your specific demand to meet your immediate needs


  • Part-time / Full-time Individuals
  • Secondary Education; Tertiary Institutions (Private and Public)
  • Others Please, have a glimpse of the following Videos and learn how we do things at AMADALE.

Vocational Training Videos